A Beginners Guide to Tron

Basics of TRON:
Justin Sun founded this TRON or Tronix(trx) cryptocurrency in September 2017 whose headquarter is in Singapore. This is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the market nowadays as it is different from other cryptocurrencies. Its main motto revolves around entertainment sector.

How is it different:
• There are no middlemen in between the user and the creator.
• Creators could receive their revenue directly from the consumers.
• This not only eliminates middlemen but also reduces the dependence on different sites.

Advantages of TRON:
This coin lets you spread your data without any restrictions. In fact, if a user uploads any of his/her data they will earn their digital assets too. They will receive their profits according to their contribution, as TRON focuses on individual people rather than an organization. The transactions of this currency are easily traced without any obstacles, as it takes place on public records hence, Tron mining is not possible.

You can store TRON coins in Tron wallet. It is supporting wallets on different websites that are available for different operators like chrome, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. You can download your own wallet and just remember your password for it and never share it with anyone. As we have talked about the wallet of Tron then we should be knowing the value of it also, as for now it is 0.058 USD till June 2018 but it is sure it will reach 1USD soon because the rate of TRX is increasing in Asian market exponentially, though cryptocurrency can swing in any direction TRX shows a promising future.

What makes it different is its application power, as they keep a track record of the data privacy and keep collecting information about the general population and use it as a key factor in their business models. They have monetized each and every content on the internet so that they can reward them accordingly. Just like Vamos using the blockchain method for the cryptocurrencies, Tron is also doing the same. And they do not take any help of advertisements on social media because these sites can access our personal data. TRX is a safe option for the investors of a long race though cryptocurrencies world is full of swings.