Best cryptocurrencies to make a killing on!

You have heard unreal tales of early investors raking in millions from their investments in Bitcoin. However, those were the days when the cryptocurrency was an absolute newbie and was being valued at less than a cent. It has since risen to $20000 and has crashed subsequently, only to stabilise at a shade below $6000. That would mean one unit of Bitcoin would cost you a bit less than $6000, which by every mean, is an extremely costly proposition. For new-age investors, who do not wish to fall for the gamble, but gradually build their baskets would then need to shift their focus on Altcoins, some of which are still peddled at less than $10 a unit. These are the early days for these coins, and can genuinely turn into serious money-spinners, in the near future.

Let us quickly look at some of sub $10 cryptocurrencies to help you make an informed decision:

Nano (NANO)

A purely basic cryptocurrency currently enjoying the trading value of $1, Nano does have a bright future. It currently mimics the bigger cryptocurrencies and has no transaction fee. Point to be noted that Nano does not yet have the full confidence with the crypto ecosystem, but would find its place in the Sun, soon.


Currently being valued at $3, EOS is at present in the centre of a financial embarrassment. It has been linked to a Ponzi scheme, which has been dumping large volumes into Bitcoin. However, it is being expected that EOS will be able to extricate itself out of this mess and start performing. It has been valued at as high as $20 and there is a possibility that it would again.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is quite a dichotomy of sorts. It a massively popular cryptocurrency and yet it trades are around 25 cents. The reason it is so ridiculously underpriced is because of the way Ripple is designed. Payment protocol XRP serves requires huge volumes of XRP to function well. Hence the sheer volume of XRP in circulation is keeping the price at rock bottom. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. As the Ripple protocol will gradually grow and become more merged with real-world payment services, the value too will make a steep rise. It is currently looking at a high of $3.85 and us ideally suited to be invested in.