The Impact of Cryptocurrency of the Freelance Economy


The gig economy and the world of freelance working is something that almost always appeals to independent, self-motivated individuals. Perhaps they sense a dream opportunity to make untold amounts of money, or maybe to restore some work life balance to their own life circumstances. Whatever their motivation, it is very clear that the blockchain and its emergence has and can continue to act as a catalyst for the freelance economy.

Introducing Trust and Value

As a freelancer, when you become engaged in working for a client, there are a number of ways to do so. Most of these in the traditional market evolve around working remotely through platforms such as Upwork. These are a great point, the problem which often occurs though is a lack of trust and confidence between freelancer and employer. This concern is two-fold and impacts both parties in a negative way. What the blockchain allows through the complete transparency it provides, is to instill a sense of complete trust that everybody will work together to do their best.

Often, on these platforms such as gigtricks and other projects who have upcoming ICOs, the projects are operated under a peer-review system. This gives all parties involved a sense of surety as to the quality they are receiving.

Opening More Doors

Naturally, as a freelancer, more opportunity is always welcome. How this opportunity comes about is often irrelevant and therefore, in this sense, the emergency of the blockchain for backing projects within the freelance economy and individual cryptocurrencies functioning as a valuable payment method, have been highly beneficial to the continued success within the freelance sector.

Final Thoughts

As new projects and platforms continue to come online in the weeks, months, and years ahead, it can safely be noted that the impact of crypto and the blockchain will be felt within the freelancer economy for many years to come.