What are the Top 10 Cryptocurrencies?

As the world of digital currency is evolving with remarkable success rates and bringing smiles to the pockets of investors, there are still genres of crypto left unexplored. One such are the leading cryptocurrencies and their features that are already showing enough predictions of ruling the upcoming years. Like any other platform, the globe of cryptocurrency is also possessed by several digital coins. This naturally tends to confuse the users, and one question that clicks our mind is, “Which is the best or which are the appropriate cryptocurrencies to choose?” Be it investors or beginners or users, choosing the best digital currency can be time-consuming, confusing, and landing up with an unworthy one is undoubtedly the biggest failure in this field.

So we are here to help you. Enlisting a single cryptocurrency as the best one is not easy, as certain currencies are equally beneficial and are already ruling the front row investors. So let us look at the ten cryptocurrencies that have been selected to have a promising future.

  • Bitcoin:

When discussing the best cryptocurrencies, the one that has secured its position on the top is Bitcoin. It aims at becoming a globally, peer to peer digital cash, which is completely decentralized in structure. With the highest liquidity and crypto space and the most lucrative one for the users, Bitcoin is already a favourite for most crypto traders.

  • Litecoin:

Its highly lucrative features and market caps are enough reasons to make it ever demanding. Moreover, Litecoin is also gifted with a faster blockchain, which tends to make us trust its longevity in the future.

  • Ethereum:

What can be more beneficial than launching desktop and decentralized mobile applications for the crypto blockchain technology? Ethereum was the first cryptocurrency that has gifted its users a significant project introducing smart contracts. With a secured transaction policy and a loyal community, experts believe that Ethereum will continue exploding in the upcoming years.

  • NEM:

With speedy transactions, affordability, and an advanced using procedure, NEM is eventually securing the position of an ambitious project with some prominent goals like royalties, smart contracts, game data, beneficial loans, etc.

  • ZCash:

Built on rigorous science, with stable privacy features and secure transactions and low fees, Zcash is automatically one of the best options to choose from the crypto globe.

  • Binance Coin:

Having a successful business history and experienced team nurturing its concept, Binance Coin offers a utility that attracts millions.

  • TRON:

One sole reason to place this currency in this list is its acquirement of Bit torrent a few years back. This has automatically managed to make it a developed, secured, and decentralized digital currency.

  • Ripple:

Oriented more towards large institutions, Ripple is more about linking with larger banks internationally and securing its grounds around the world. For the investors who dream about foreign financial trading, Ripple is the one for you all.

  • EOS:

A faster transaction platform with higher scalability, crypto experts are already predicting greater values form EOS in the near future.

  • Monero:

Offering excellent security and privacy with the development of passive networks, Monero is a unique crypto coin that provides a digital asset for the beginners.

Now, as you have achieved a good idea about the best crypto coins to choose, set your goals and budget, and strengthen your investment decisions before enjoying a considerable profit.